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Professional Grooming

The coat of a dog  or a cat with long (-er) hair (e.g. wiry hair, curly hair or silk hair) needs regular maintenance from a young age. Puppies or kittens that, if not every day, then certainly every week get brushed, will not develop too much tangles, and are getting used to it. They are standing or laying quietly on the table, and their coat care is accepted.

It is different if their owners spend less time on the fur care. In that case, your customer may occasionally growl or whine, even if you do not hurt the creature.

But then a coat care gives me a lot of energy. The coat of the dog looks neat afterwards, is cleanly washed, blown dry and brushed and so is rid of excess hair and tangles. The ears are cleaned and excess hair removed if required, the nails - where necessary - trimmed. Excess waste is removed from the eye corners, the coat is trimmed or picked, depending on the type of care it requires.

Cats are not often bathed - they can usually take care of their own coat until old age or sickness sets in. Depending on the length of the coat, weekly or daily combing is needed to avoid knots or matts. Cat nails are only clipped if necessary.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are looking for a competent and passionate groomer to take care of your pet.

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Ragou has been going to Adelheid's grooming salon for two years now.
Even if he is often there for a few hours - a Royal Poodle, so a lot of work - he always comes home perfumed, in a good mood and nice haircut thanks to the good care and professional service!

Frederik Bordon, Owner of Ragou, Royal Poodle

My Nuca is not an easy dog and going to the groomer used to be a challenge. I've been to several groomers until I discovered this one. Why? Because Nuca is not treated like a number but she is being taken good care of. Adelaide is very kind with her and knows how to handle her. Nowadays, Nuca is excited to go to the groomer because she knows that she will actually have fun! Best thing is when I go to pick her up - Nuca smells nice and looks good but above everything she is happy!

Ingrid Brownrigg, Owner of Nuca
Lou goes to Adelheid wagging his tail, that was different with previous groomers. Thanks to her angelic patience, Adelheid knows perfectly how to overcome Lou's pettiness. He always looks great and radiant after his haircut. Then, he is cheerfulness itself and you can see that it has done him well.
Hilde Van Gelder, Owner of Lou, labradoodle

Complete Care

Brushing, clipping, trimming, combing, washing, drying, cleaning...
I have started my business in 2018 under the umbrella of
K9 Grooming (= canine, so dogs only).

In June 2023, I have been certified as cat-friendly cat-groomer as well.
Therefor I have decided that a change of company name was called for.

As of 1-May-2023, the business will be known under the name

I will continue to take care of your pets with their wellbeing on top of my mind.




We will trim your dog's fur when required. We can provide complex fur care, in line with your wishes or with breed standards. We take pleasure in looking at all details, and will take care that the whole coat is tackled.

Professional Pet Care

Pet owners trust us to take care of their beloved companions.

We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of grooming care and affection.