Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming2023-04-26T05:55:53+00:00

Brushing and Combing

Cats need regular brushing to keep their coats looking tidy, especially if they have long fur. Brushing also helps remove dirt and tangles while spreading healthy oils throughout their coat, keeping their skin and fur healthy and getting rid of irritation.

Cats with short hair only need to be brushed once weekly.

  • Use a metal comb to loosen dead fur, starting at their head and working toward the tail.
  • With a slicker brush, do the same thing to remove the dead hair.
  • Always be careful around your cat’s face, belly, and chest.

Long-haired cats need a little more care and should be brushed daily.

  • Start at your cat’s legs and belly, and slowly work your way up.
  • Brush the fur, start low on the body, and go up layer by layer, brushing in a downward motion.
  • Finally, part the fur on your cat’s tail down the center, then brush each side individually.

Price: as of 45 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

I frequently receive the same questions. Please read on to get some answers below:

Accepted Payment Methods?2023-05-03T20:11:40+00:00

You can pay electronically via Payconiq, or via bank card.




How else can I contact you?2023-04-26T06:22:55+00:00

Phone: +32 475 966 944



Where are you located?2023-05-04T05:57:56+00:00

The grooming salon is located at the following address:

Boulevard Leopold II 225
B-1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

What our your business hours?2023-05-04T06:20:38+00:00

Only by appointment!

Monday – Friday 19:00 – 21:00
Saturday 14:00 – 17:00 and 19:00 – 21:00
Closed on Sunday

What will be the cost for a grooming session?2023-04-19T07:13:31+00:00

I work at an hourly rate of 40 EUR.

The state of the coat (knots or matts can be found), the size of the dog (XS-S,M-L-XL), its behavior (will he eat my fingers or not?), and presence of ticks or fleas all have an impact on the duration of the grooming session. We calculate the duration of the session in minutes from the start, divide this by 60 and multiply by 40.

E.g. a session that took 90 minutes, will cost 90 / 60 * 40 = 60 EUR. A session that took 135 minutes will cost 135 / 60 * 40 = 90 EUR.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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